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The mission of A4 Sports Marketing is to become a premiere sports and special events marketing company that specializes in building positive athletic brand awareness, providing team merchandising, assisting with booster and game concessions, providing quality event management, corporate sponsorship packaging, and fundraising to produce customized and profitable marketing strategies for our clients.


A4 Sports Marketing will be known for its integrity and exceptional service as we pledge to listen to client goals and objectives and ensure we develop unique and effective marketing strategies, while striving to deliver a profitable brand or event for our clients. Our company philosophy is one of loyalty to our people and results for our clients. The foundation of our success will be built on high standards of servant leadership and working as hard for our clients as we would for ourselves.


We are a young company that cohesively uses past experience, with 10 years of sales and industry knowledge. A4 Sports Marketing utilizes strengths and talents in order to create customized marketing strategies to teams, sports organizations and individual athletes. We identified an abundance of unmet needs across most sports organizations and created services that were designed with you in mind: as a coach/athlete, you likely didn't choose your sport because you loved selecting matching polos and finding the best deal on training gear; boosters are already pulled in so many directions, it can be overwhelming to locate the best value and profit-earning merchandise for their team, and; corporate sponsors want to give back to the community, but don't always understand how their contributions benefit organizations. One of our mottos (that's right, we have several) is "You worry about the Xs and Os... let us eliminate your concerns with practice gear, fan merchandise and marketing." Our services include: sports apparel (printing and embroidery), booster consultation and guidance, corporate sponsorships (unique tie-ins to organizations), marketing (ticket sales and advertising).

Our target markets are:

  1. Universities and Colleges
  2. Professional and Minor League Teams & Organizations
  3. High School Athletic Departments
  4. Individual Athletes
  5. Health and Fitness Organizations



A4 Sports Marketing provides apparel for teams, coaches and organizations, similar to the merchandise programs for any Division 1 or professional team. We provide a budget-conscious merchandise option for your team, starting with us listening to your needs and ultimately providing you the tools to serve your strategic plan.


We partner with your booster club to provide game day merchandise to be sold in the team merchandise tent at games and functions. The recommended items are selected based on proven success in the collegiate retail market. Additionally, we bring a depth of consult and advising services to the boosters, as needed, to identify potential revenue sources and assist in those efforts – we will help you develop a cost-efficient way to raise money with a limited amount of volunteer hours.

Corporate Sponsorships

We identify merchandise ideas that are suitable for corporate sponsorship and will result in 100% profit margin to the booster clubs. Our approach, to multiply your resources, makes the most of the donations and sponsorships you are provided. Your corporate sponsors will gain much more than simply a sign on the fence or advertising in a program.


Your team has specific marketing needs, whether you are a sports team, health/fitness club, individual athlete or non-profit organization, we specialize in one-on-one marketing plans for your organization. We generate plans for logo branding and your company promotions – if you need a logo build, we will help you create the idea and our graphic artist will work for you. We will also assist in fund-raising events for sports teams, boosters and alumni groups.

Printing & Embroidery

Custom-printing and embroidery gives your team the look and feel of a high- quality, professional entity. We fulfill customized merchandise, promotional goods and printing services in a timely manner.

Non-Sports Organizations

We also assist non sports-related organizations with their apparel and merchandise needs. We will work with you to get the name brand, durable and high profile apparel options you need for your non-profit organization, health care providers (polos for a professional office) and general corporations (pulllovers, hats and other promotional items).

Charitable Giving

We have, at our core, a desire to give back from that which we have been provided through charitable giving. The A4 Sports Marketing leadership team believes we can serve a bigger purpose in our communities and in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. We have created a unique "Supportship" – our clients may elect to donate 5 or 10% above the cost of their product cost. A4 Sports Marketing, in turn, will leverage that to purchase and donate items at cost, to needy organizations.

A second part of the charitable giving exists with our A4 Corporate Sponsors – organizations that join with A4 Sports Marketing will have a portion of their sponsorship donated in the same manner as the Supportships listed above. We will seek leagues, schools and other organizations requiring jerseys, travel gear and apparel. We want to be tied into the community, the region and the world through your generosity.

Future Services

Proposed Products and Services, 2014 We are currently pursuing the creation of an A4 Sports Marketing merchandise line to offer our specialized brand of apparel. We want to define and brand the apparel logo on a unique clothing line that can be worn in the stands, on the sidelines and in the game. Quality, style and performance will be the focus of the line, while also meeting the budget and vision of our clients.

Our leadership team will utilize portions of our own line of merchandising and percentages of corporate partnership dollars for charitable giving. The frameworks for both are already in place, and we are excited about the avenues ahead of us.


Anton Huber

President, Owner

Most embarassing album/song I own: The Lummineers
Favorite quote by an athlete: Second place is first loser.
Secretly, I am a great/great at: remembering random things like players' jersey numbers
Most memorable sporting event I ever attended: Sunday at Augusta for Bubba Watson's green jacket, Georgia's blackout vs Auburn, World Series-Braves vs Yankees
If I played in the Majors, my plate music would be: "Slam" by Onyx
Sport I wish I was good at, but am not: golf
Most embarassing personal sports event: I'd get physically ill before each game
Most memorable sports moment I was a part of: Last second FG against Macon to upset #1 team in the region (Uncle Rico), and my first collegiate hit
Worst habit:
First job: swept floors at my dad's construction company ... $1 an hour

Stannon Banks

Director of Sales

Most embarassing album/song I own: BeeGees Greatest Hits
Favorite quote by an athlete: I've never lost a game. I just ran out of time.
Secretly, I am a great/great at: chef
Most memorable sporting event I ever attended: 1992 SEC Championship Game... I still remember that freezing cold night at Legion Field and fans throwing sugar cubes after the win.
If I played in the Majors, my plate music would be: "Eye On It" by Toby Mac
Sport I wish I was good at, but am not: golf
Most embarassing personal sports event: my first game as a goalie in junior high ended with me running into the metal post and getting stuck in the net
Most memorable sports moment I was a part of: coaching my son's flag football team
Worst habit: biting my nails
First job: Saunders Hardware Store

Jeff McReynolds

Director of Media & Technology

Most embarassing album/song I own: "Baby" - Justin Bieber
Favorite quote by an athlete: "Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. It's hard to stay on top." - Paul Coffey
Secretly, I am a great/great at: virtually everything... but specifically, cooking
Most memorable sporting event I ever attended: Bama baseball's walk-off HR over USC to go to CWS in 1997
Gonzaga game right behind bench in Adam Morrison's last year
my first Iron Bowl in 1997
If I played in the Majors, my plate music would be: "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys
Sport I wish I was good at, but am not: soccer
Most embarassing personal sports event:
Most memorable sports moment I was a part of:
Worst habit: untimely sarcasm
First job: lifeguard


Some our current clients include:

University of Alabama Hockey

Tuscaloosa/Pelham, Alabama bamahockey.net

Thompson High School

Alabaster, Alabama shelbyed.k12.al.us

Georgia Tech Hockey

Atlanta, Georgia gthockey.com

Helena Middle School

Helena, Alabama shelbyed.k12.al.us

University of Alabama
Adapted Athletics

Tuscaloosa, Alabama alabamaadapted.com

Lamar County High School

Vernon, Alabama lamarcountyfootball.com

National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Birmingham, Alabama nationals.alabamaadapted.com

City of Vernon Youth Leagues

Vernon, Alabama

Research Solutions

Pelham, Alabama researchsolutionsgroup.com

Center Point High School

Center Point, Alabama centerpointhigh.jefcoed.com

Sweet Home Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama sweethomealabamadocumentary.com

Forsyth County Schools

Forsyth County, Georgia forsyth.k12.ga.us


As an individual, do you cheerfully give whenever asked? Do you set aside a portion of your annual budget to give? Many of our corporate sponsors do just that… and more.

Often, these partners donate to communities and individuals simply because they are asked. Most times, they get no feedback on where their dollars went, whom these funds helped and how their donations bettered the community. How would this change if they were assured their funds were directed, earmarked and multiplied?

Can sponsor's dollars go further than just an ad in the program and a banner hanging on a fence? Yes, and with our counsel, we will work with our potential corporate clients to best focus their donations.

A4 Sports Marketing partners with our corporate clients to stretch their contributions, advance promotional opportunities and advertise for our sponsors. Corporate sponsors join our organization, at any of multiple levels, to sponsor teams, events and boosters.

These are just a few of the ways we differ from standard requests; however, there is another component critical in our foundation. A4 Sports Marketing doesn't want to forget our beginnings and what sets us apart. A portion of our sponsorship packages returns benefits to local and world charitable organizations. Our corporate sponsorship agreement identifies a portion of the sponsors' donation, through us to our athletic clients, will be set aside for intentional, directed, missional use.

Corporate Partners

Jimmy John's

4730 Chace Circle
Hoover, AL 35244
P: 205-682-2777

The Cajun Cleaver

2341 John Hawkins Pkwy. Ste 101
Birmingham, AL 35244
P: 205-444-0496

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